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澳门新永利官网,  At the last of the novel, Humbert watched the village from the mountain, listenning the laughters of the kids, he said sliently,” I knew that the hopelessly poignant thing was not lolita's absence from my side, but the absence of her voice from that concord”. Humbert’s heart was broken.

The sun was shinning brightly, Lolita was reading on the green grass, as pretty as the lily

 Some people say Humbert is a pervent, but I sympathize with him ,who is so lonely and helpless, with full of sorrow in his eyes. He loved her as deep as the sea and full of grief, he wanted to give her the best of this world happy, but he can not only despair his distress

 He loved her,as a step-father and a lover. she was so attractive to him.he called her the numph girl, a combination of beauty, loveliness and vulgurity. These days when they lived together were full of suffering and happiness, crys and laughters.But to
Humbert,it is such a short period of time and better, all because of Lolita.

The mid-aged man with a knowledgable aspect, fell in love with Lolita when they met the first time.

In this novel, the hero lost his first love when he was a teenager.He abandoned himself to memoring her and lived in her shade before he met Lolita.

 Love is a pain sometimes,especially the love between Humbert and Lolita, which is not accepted by public, is doomed to a tragedy.

 After he lost her, he was so desperate and sorrow-stricken once more . After many years, he found Lolita, who had a baby and asked him for money. Lolita is no longer the original Lolita.With the anger, he killed the men who took his goddess away.

“lolita,light of my life, fire of my loins,my sin,my soul.”Humbert’s words,who is the hero of the novel “Lolita”,reflected his love to a girl named Lolita.




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